Yee Chie Tu
Photo by Yee Chie @ Keukenhof.

Asian Geek Who Has Been Growing and Evolving.

Naturehike: Loenermark

The blooming purple heather fields season was almost over. I decided to visit the Loenermark at The Veluwe in The Netherlands to see it for the first time in my life before they weren't blooming anymore.

I followed the fourteen-kilometer-long yellow boulder trail with the starting point at the parking lot in the forest at the Schaapskooi. This trail has a variety of scenery and different types of tracks.

Keukenhof during Coronavirus Pandemic

Recently the government has started the pilot "Testen Voor Toegang" to see if we can go to events safely by having a negative Corona test. Immediately I signed up to join one of the pilot events, together with my friend. 

First actual day out at a public place that isn't nature 😎. Which is the gardens of Keukenhof in Lisse. Well, it is still somewhat "nature" but contained in a private area. There was no need for anti-Corona measures such as mouth masks and a 1.5-meter rule unless we went to the public toilets.

Amsterdam with Best Friend,Yuna

Whenever my best friend asks me out, I immediately feel a lot of joy and happiness. Because I never had one before. So I highly value any time spent with her. She asked me to meet up for some shopping in Amsterdam. We roamed around…

Raspberry Pi 4 with Pi-Hole, OpenVPN and DNSCrypt

A simple how-to guide on installing and configuring a Raspberry Pi 4 to make your internet connection more safe and private by installing Pi-Hole network-wide ad-blocker, OpenVPN to encrypt your internet data and DNSCrypt to secure your DNS queries.