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Mini Bio

Yee Chie Tu "杜義奇" is an open-minded introverted geek from The Netherlands.
He is mixed blood from a Taiwanese mother and a Singaporean father.

At a length of 1.85m, he is a tall Asian ;)

His interests are nature, hiking, traveling, cycling, anime, virtual reality, computers, sauna and naturism. Everything he does computer-related is self-taught, which is also his passion.

He holds freedom of speech, net neutrality, and privacy in high regard.

His reasoning, how he sees or does things, isn’t well accepted in society. Occasionally he doesn’t belong but staying true to himself. Having unpopular oppinions.

Speaking his mind. No matter what kind of taboo.

According to a D.I.S.C. test result, he is a perfectionist .


This website is to share his thoughts, opinions, tips, tricks, guides, and more. But also to have his place on the massive worldwide web.

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Other tidbits

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